Inspiring Content Equals Higher Profits



by Harmony Nolan

No, that’s not a knock against Shakespeare before the letters start rolling in. But the title of this article is a Shakespearean-type speech about how good content – unique writing – is the best way to build your brand.


Befirst-social media-content marketing-A social media/PR team that’s strong and understands the ins-and-outs of making sure your company’s social media is monitored 24/7, will tell you that the first thing that must be looked after is the content. Content that’s floating around out there in cyberspace is seen by one and all. One wrong comment, one boring article, one long-winded industry conversation that doesn’t offer the latest news – and your company and brand can become a flash in the pan. If you’re lucky. There might not even be any flash before the brand disappears.


Blog content is not something to be taken lightly. It is not something that should be done on a monthly basis either. Your blog content needs continuous attention in order to grab the reader and make sure that you can build that loyal customer base that will become the cheerleaders – the advocates for your company. With their approval, your brand will be spread to all their friends and followers, and so on.


Relevant content is a must, but that content must also be engaging and enticing. The right social media team can maximize your content’s exposure and make sure that it reaches a wider audience. When your content is shared on the endless number of social networks out there, website traffic and lead generation rises immediately. By promoting your blog and website, you are promoting your brand. And when you promote it well, your company attains status in your industry. And we all know to increase profits and become a leader in that industry, you must ‘speak’ volumes to your loyal listeners.


The return on investment your company receives from  content marketing can be enormous. Because of that fact, the social media team you bring on board will make your content far easier for the audience to discover. Prospects actively searching online to make their ultimate buying decisions will come to you first, because of all the great things they’ve heard.


There are various ways to amplify a blog or website’s content. And as more innovations come to pass in the social media world, those ways become easier and easier to get done.


A good social media/PR team will offer suggestions that are highly effective. Guest Posting can be great for promotional purposes. They can submit relevant and interesting content, and their name brings in their own audience, which brings more people to your company’s website.


The social media team can also syndicate your content on various networks so that your audience can become much broader than you would expect.


Keywords are also associated with better content. With just a bi of research done by your social media/PR team, your blog posts with target keywords and phrases embedded in the blogs, will attract even more customers.


The ‘king’ is social media marketing. This, as every company should know, means promoting your blog, website, brand, etcetera, on the Big Four. By utilizing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, a social media/PR team can create various ads for your company and target them correctly, using information that’s already been provided in users’ social profiles.


In addition, Pinterest is helping companies succeed because they are a powerful ‘player’ when it comes to content promotion. Your social media/PR team will create boards on your Pinterest profile, and pin images from your blog content back to your website. This is all in Technicolor and a highly-utilized visual site that will bring in more customers.


Speaking of visual, SlideShare as well as Twitter vids allow the social media team to create entertaining vids as well as slideshows based on the topic that your latest article addresses. And never forget those events, competitions, giveaways, etcetera, that should be offered to your target audience.


In the end, whether you’re Shakespeare or not, make sure your social media team creates content that’s not only up-to-par, but surpasses the competition.

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Source: BeFirst Media Group / Baret News Wire