Jeff Olson – Still Making Millionaires

-Betsy Smith


imagesJeff Olson, nicknamed the millionaire maker, is at it again! And this time his plan is to create the perfect direct selling company. And so far he and his partners are on the right track. With just one product and only in the US so far they did $100 million in sales in the first full year.

Nerium International has a unique partnership with Nerium Biotech; they fun continuing research by sending back 30% of profits. Additionally, Jeff has created some game changing paradigms like its Nerium Gives Back program where they send FREE inventory to its Independent Brand Partners.

Customers and Brand Partners can get their monthly product for free by simply having 3 customers. The compensation plan is the most lucrative and fair in the industry. Unlike a Binary plan where those that are in the know have an unfair advantage and newbies have to work twice as hard, this plan has the best of several plans.

And with Live Better Bonuses ranging from $25K to $1 million on top of the other compensation it is truly paying off. Over 200 people in just a year and a half have already earned some of those bonuses.

Known for his bestselling book The Slight Edge and his 24/7 personal development, The People’s Network, developing people is one of his hallmarks. Nerium International takes it’s responsibility to its people seriously by providing a huge library of videos and more. Additionally, at conventions most of the meetings center around building happier and more productive people, not the usual hype most companies use.

And they have implemented a simple and duplicatable system that anyone can follow. There are people from all walks of life and even some high school dropouts who have found success.

And finally, timing is everything. This is a ground floor opportunity that has been proven by breaking ALL records. $100 million in the first year and yet they have only just begun!

If you are looking for a company that has leadership, science, a system, generous compensation, Jeff Olson’s expertise and TIMING, Nerium International may be what you are looking for. Our team is looking for people to partner with from all around the country. We especially need people from the whole East Coast, Chicago, Michigan and many other parts of the country. Just contact me for more.

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Source: Baret News Wire / Betsy R Smith