Performance with Young Audiences of WNY—Sarah Haykel, Albright–Knox Art Gallery, February 7


Date: February 7, 2014Sarah Haykel

Time: 5:30 pm



Adults and children of all ages are invited to be visually transported to the Caribbean and South America for this evening performance where dancer Sarah Haykel will demonstrate and perform various dances that were created when these two cultures came together. The audience will also experience how dancers and musicians have a conversation with each other and everything around them through these amazing art forms.

Sarah Haykel has been a professional dance instructor since 2003. She specializes in salsa dancing and Latin music and dance, focusing not only on timing, technique, rhythm, footwork, and styling, but on the historical and cultural aspects of Latin music and dance.

Haykel studied psychology and ceramics at Laney College and holds a BFA in painting from SUNY Fredonia. She has studied many forms of Latin dance, including L.A. style, Casino, Cuban-style Rueda, and N.Y. Mambo. With her teaching partner from Maui, Haykel helped create a Salsa for Beginners DVD, and she has performed professionally in a Rueda de Casino group. While her main interest is Latin Dance, she dances and instructs in many different styles, including hip-hop, West African, Middle Eastern, and improvisational dance. These styles uniquely flavor her own performance style and instruction. Haykel has instructed private and group lessons with both children and adults.

Dance, for Haykel, is a healthy and inspirational outlet. She believes that dance inspires students to connect more fully with themselves, other people, cultural tradition, and the world, in a fun and safe way.

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