The Guilt Free Business Trip for Moms

The Guilt Free Business Trip for Moms

By Carolyn Walker

39348289_5 Questions To Kick Start Total Life TransformationThe stay at home mom, the one who has a great education, did have a great job, has successful husband who allows her to stay home with the kids, she is ready to escape! No more SpongeBob, no more cartoons, complete control of the remote, wine with every dinner, and fun clothes and shoes and accessories every day. Hanging out with the girls, and a few days of “me-time’” to recharge the batteries and get the latest info and training for that great business she runs out to her home, in her in between hours of cooking, laundry and being the family chauffeur.

Women who work from home rarely get to travel alone to escape the daily grind. Their answer-a home based business that includes company sponsored conferences to meet up with their friends, team members, and the “corporate family.” The companies who are really doing it right provide lots of personal growth, new business tools and the latest research; be it stats, clinical updates or new products. This business trip is a time to recharge their batteries, socialize and get their mental juices flowing again. Along with all of the above, the best companies spend time on recognition. They recognize the business achievements and accomplishments in front of all the conference attendees. That is crucial to women who rarely get accolades for all their hard work. To be cheered by their peers is priceless. Nerium International is truly one of those companies who recognize the achievements and accomplishments of their brand partners. While the conferences reenergize, the yearly trip is truly fabulous; all expenses paid by the company to top resorts. It is easy to justify at home since it is earned through hard work and paid for by the company. To all of the above advantages, comes the potential for serious income and that doesn’t hurt either!

~ Carolyn Walker

Source: Baret News Wire