The New Chevron: European Inspired, North American Design

Stunning chevron floors can add to the architectural beauty of wide open spaces, while taking center stage as a design element in the most well-appointed homes. Whether you want to bring the classic, sophisticated look of 17th century Paris or just a pop of drama without dating your work, nothing can beat the elegance, simplicity and absolute divinity of chevron flooring.

It’s no secret that this will be the year where flooring steps into the limelight, especially with the tastemakers shifting their gaze from one dimensional vinyl to European woodworking and floor making traditions. While grey plank flooring, charcoal planks and even the weathered look will have their place at the conventions and showcases throughout the year, chevrons will reign supreme.

sm_coswick-chevron-flooring-american-walnutIdentifying Chevron and Herringbone

Just a quick look at floor samples for your next project can leave you puzzled at best – after all, what is the real difference between chevron and herringbone, anyway?

It’s all about the zigzag. Wood blocks in a herringbone pattern will appear fragmented, running perpendicular to one another, a little broken but beautiful all the same. Chevron, on the other hand, run point to point at a 40-60° angle (with a 45° cut the most popular choice), creating beautiful, crisp lines every time.

The Maker Makes the Difference

Style always matters, but knowing your hardwood flooring manufacturer and what they produce matters more. Are they only producing rustic recreations and color palettes? Are they using engineered flooring that’s approved for large scale projects? Are they industry certified? Do they offer guarantees? Here are some great questions you should always ask before you commit:

  • Is this flooring FSC Certified? The Forest Stewardship Council certification means it’s more easily specified for large interior design projects.
  • Does it come with a lifetime guarantee? Very few hardwood manufacturers offer full lifetime structural warranties on their engineered flooring – Coswick Hardwood does!
  • Is it offered in a full range of woods? Oak is the most common choice, but you’ll love your choice of woods like ash and American walnut too!
  • Is it engineered or solid hardwood flooring? While solid hardwood flooring might seem like the best choice at first, engineered 2-layer construction won’t warp like solid hardwood might.

Few manufacturers can meet the demanding requirements of both architects and interior designers but Coswick Hardwood can! They not only embrace European woodworking and floor-making traditions, but add a unique, North American perspective as well.

sm_coswick-chevron-flooring-french-rivieraCoswick’s Chevron is Versatile, Durable and Beautiful

Traditional chevron flooring is based on a smaller plank size – a smaller plank size that doesn’t always work well with larger formats and modern interiors. Coswick Chevron flooring pairs the all-natural beauty of a traditional French floor with the superior strength and durability of modern, engineered flooring.

Every plank is milled to exact specifications, meaning fast and worry-free installation every time. Planks come in modern surface finishes like the wear-resistant lacquer CosNanoTech+ and UV-cured Silk Oil for a perfect finish that lasts.

Coswick has been manufacturing beautiful floors since 1995 – and today the company is an innovator in precision milling, micro-bevels and creating flooring that is both durable and eco-friendly. Find out more about Coswick amazing new line of chevron flooring and other offerings by visiting